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COP26: The Successes, Failures and Surprises

COP26: The Successes, Failures and Surprises
(Image credit: SmartBrief)

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Now that we’ve all caught our breath after the onslaught of news and frenetic finish to COP26, it’s time to step back and reflect on the events in Glasgow from a broader perspective. SmartBrief’s Karen Kantor and Paula Kiger edit a wide variety of newsletters for SmartBrief — including topics such as energy, sustainability, government, business transformation and even the United Nations — so they join the show for a roundtable discussion that highlights the achievements, disappointments and surprises from COP26.

There is plenty of talk about the energy transition, but we also make time to discuss COP26 issues that touch on local government, fashion, shipping containers … and how Las Vegas should start taking bets on the exact day and time COPs in the future will end!

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