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How marketing associations see 2022 shaping up

How marketing associations see 2022 shaping up
(Image credit: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay)

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As consumers’ brand expectations and habits have changed, marketers have tried to keep pace to continue to evolve their strategies and tactics. SmartBrief asked a number of marketing industry trade associations (and our publishing partners) what brand and agency marketing pros should know as we finish 2021 and head into 2022.

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Personalize experiences

Lou Paskalis, President & Chief Operating Officer
MMA Global

As marketers continue to face ever-mounting pressure to increase their contributions to overall enterprise growth, they are going to need to deliver more relevant experiences that can better compete for the attention of both customers and “best” prospects. To enable that, experiences will need to be more personalized, which of course is harder in the post cookie world.

To solve for this, marketers will have to experiment with new ways to effectively solicit consent from consumers with enhanced value exchange, transparency and consumer control mechanisms. Marketers who solve this will be better positioned to navigate the changing privacy landscape and heightened consumer sensitivity around their privacy choices and expectations.

Clean rooms will become key to effective advertising

Orchid Richardson, Senior VP, Programmatic & Data Center

As we face a cookieless future, clean rooms will emerge as the answer to providing more advanced analysis around attribution and measurement, and a core part of the buyer/seller toolkit. Clean rooms are where the walled gardens (i.e., Google, Facebook) are able to share aggregated data with advertisers while still adhering to privacy laws and data restrictions.

Whether used for transactional audience matching and segment building or for advancements in how data is shared, clean room solutions will continue to grow and mature as true cross-platform opportunities associated with the promise of “right ad at the right time” continue to evolve.

OHH will be omnichannel key ingredient, context king

Anna Bager, President & CEO
Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

Pent-up creativity and unused budgets will see marketers going bigger and bolder in their efforts to achieve massive reach with OOH. More data will inform the accurate placement and timing of messaging, making OOH ads even more relevant to consumers. Brands will continue to recognize the power, presence, and ROI of OOH with more investments, driving up OOH share. OOH will be the ingredient in 2022’s omnichannel media mix.

Meanwhile, location, location, location. It is the setting and the context which both reign supreme. OOH is the ultimate contextual medium and people are noticing OOH ads 42% more than pre-pandemic because they have a new appetite for the outdoors and being out of their homes. The right-time-right-place nature of OOH will be more widely accepted as being the transformative intersection that connects consumer journeys with media messages.

Continuing to advocate

Steve Pacheco, President & CEO
American Advertising Federation (AAF)

One of the AAF’s primary missions is to advocate for the advertising industry. Issues such as taxes, data integrity, brand safety, privacy, and regulation, have always been important as it affects all of our members — no matter their size or what part of the industry they are in.

Working collaboratively with fellow organizations such as the 4A’s, ANA, IAB, NAI and DAA, we have defeated ad tax proposals and other threats to advertising in Congress, nearly every state and numerous cities and counties, and we anticipate that will not change in the near future. That’s why events, like our upcoming Advertising Day on the Hill, are so important. That event is designed to demonstrate to lawmakers the power and passion of the advertising industry’s network of advertising professionals, brands, agencies and media companies.

Whatever the future holds, we know that our work to advocate on behalf of our members and the advertising, media and marketing industries will never cease.