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Automated compliance solutions can help your business with annual regulation changes 

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This post is sponsored by SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management

Each year brings new changes to employment laws and regulations, and upcoming changes planned for 2023 mean maintaining compliance in the workplace will be as complex as ever. It can be difficult to stay current on these changes, which vary by state and are rolled out throughout the year. 

The importance of maintaining compliance

Businesses of all sizes must comply with laws and regulations whether mandated federally or at the state, local, or industry levels. Violations pose potential risks to employees, while also leaving businesses subject to sizable fines. Given what’s at stake, it’s crucial for business owners and HR specialists to stay abreast of changes and understand how best to implement requirements. Given how often changes occur, it can be challenging to keep track of them all.

Fortunately, digital platforms are available to help keep track of these updates and manage processes required by your business. SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management) and J. J. Keller offer online platforms to provide necessary information and resources that are continuously updated and tailored to individual business needs. 

Digital compliance solutions

Compliance Network, a new offering from trusted compliance resource  J. J. Keller, connects its community of members to a team of safety and compliance experts providing exclusive access to timely regulatory content in the areas of workplace safety, environment, transportation, and human resources. Once a business signs up and builds their profile, a stream of information tailored to those unique needs and interests is sent, from news and trending topics to regulatory guidance and foundational learning. Consultations with the experts are available via instant message or a scheduled call or video meeting. 

These experts, whose previous experience includes roles as safety managers and auditors and who hold advanced degrees in their fields of expertise and numerous industry-recognized certifications, continually monitor regulatory activity across all 50 states and Canada to stay ahead of pressing industry issues and offer the most helpful and relevant guidance to members. 

Another helpful online solution is the Safety Management Suite, which offers expert resources to help manage health and safety in the workplace. It allows access to a continuously updated database of key federal and state requirements, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Department of Labor, keeping businesses informed of critical regulatory updates with easily understandable explanations. Guidance is available from in-house subject matter experts who offer actionable advice, while additional information is available through monthly webcasts. The industry’s largest online discussion board also connects HR and safety peers. 

Businesses can access classroom and online training courses that cover essential HR and safety topics, including OSHA recordkeeping, forklift safety, workplace bullying and violence, sexual harassment, and more. Additional resources include the ability to:

  • Create custom safety plans tailored to each organization’s needs.
  • Generate checklists for audits and inspections, assign inspection responsibilities, and easily gather results for analysis and reporting.
  • Maintain critical incident data and easily submit 300A forms digitally.

The platform is accessible at any time from any device, so organizations can schedule and track action items with notifications and reminders. Customizable dashboards allow businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of individual programs.

Don’t start the new year with added stress. These solutions from SHRM and J. J. Keller provide all the expert information and advice necessary for taking the guesswork out of maintaining regulatory compliance.


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