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FIA Boca Day 2: Regulators Mount Up, Crypto Conversations Continue, CoinFund President Chris Perkins

We're back for another day of coverage from the International Futures Industry Conference … or as it’s more commonly known: FIA Boca.

CoinFund President Chris Perkins

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We’re back for another day of coverage from the International Futures Industry Conference … or as it’s more commonly known: FIA Boca.

Day 2 just wrapped up, so this quick podcast recaps some of the highlights:

  • CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam delivered his keynote address, during which he lauded the resiliency of global markets as they’ve navigated numerous crises in recent years.
  • CoinFund President Chris Perkins joined the show for a 1-on-1 conversation about the impact the recent banking crisis has had on the startup community and what lies ahead for digital assets.
  • The annual panel of regulators tackled questioned related to the LME nickel situation, FTX, the ION hack and the overall cryptocurrency landscape.
  • Representatives from the crypto industry weighed in with their thoughts on what the future looks like for the sector.