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Q&A: Workday exec talks hospitality and automated, scalable finance

Workday's Keith Pickens

This post is sponsored by Workday.

Acquiring a workforce and running the business is more expensive than ever. From labor shortages to operating expenses to supply chain disruptions, costs are up across the board, which means hospitality leaders need to drive profitability at faster speeds with fewer resources.

The trouble is that hospitality organizations face significant disadvantages without the business agility, operational insights, and intelligent automation needed to control and contain costs, eliminate operational redundancies, and deliver actionable business excellence. 

Keith Pickens, managing director, retail industry at Workday, sat down to talk through these issues. In this interview, he discusses the importance of the hospitality industry keeping a laser focus on productivity and costs as well as the benefits an organization can realized through automated, scalable finance.

Pickens also outlines the common obstacles hospitality businesses face when trying to automate their finance departments, how AI and other automated analytics tools can facilitate real-time decision-making when it comes to costs and profitability and digs into how Workday sees automation helping retailers and restaurants optimize their profitability. He wraps up the discussion with what’s next for the hospitality industry and Workday.

Check out the video below to watch and listen to the discussion with Workday’s Keith Pickens