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What does leadership mean?

“Leadership arouses passion. The exercise and even the study of leadership stirs feeling because leadership engages our values.” — Ronald A. Heifetz Most people...


Funds of knowledge

“Together, we make a difference” has been my mantra with families for the last few years as a kindergarten teacher. I recently embarked on...


5 steps to STEM effectiveness

STEM education isn’t complex. It’s not a doctrine, a program or a product. Yet, defining and implementing STEM education continues to challenge the education...


Building bridges

As we began our structures unit in Grade 7 this year, students were amazed by the Popsicle bridge structures that lined the classroom from...


The leader in you

Those of us in education often think of leadership as the domain — if not the burden — of the privileged few. Individuals who...


Teaching resilience: Attention

“Squirrel!” In addition to its other endearing qualities, Pixar’s 2009 animated feature “Up“ introduced the world to Dug, a golden retriever with definite attention...


Ed-tech product roundup: November

Every Monday, SmartBrief on EdTech features Product Showcase, a section highlighting new products and services designed to support teaching and learning. Starting this month,...


Who will lead?

Everyone’s worried. Who will pay for Social Security and Medicare 50 years from now?  Will this texting/tweeting/PlayStation generation of kids have the requisite social...


Q-and-A: Middle-grades forecast

What does the future look like for middle-grades education? John Norton, founder of, bravely took on this topic in an interview with SmartBrief’s...


Voting matters

Walk yourself through this exercise. Take a clean sheet of paper and write down what you believe your students’ work environment will look like...

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