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A tale of 2 report cards

It was Stephen Covey who coined the phrase “Begin with the end in mind,” his second of seven habits of highly effective people. This...


Digital ties run deep

A new adventure Through a very unpredictable series of events, I will be living in Toledo, Ohio, for the next 10 months. As I...


The business of K12

Imagine there is a talent war going on. In an exciting growth industry, the market has recognized that variations in an individual’s combination of...


State of the Edcamp 2013

“Edcamp changed my life. Happy to help. Rock on. “ ~Daniel Scibienski As the president prepares to update our nation on critical issues with his...


STEM in the middle

These days I’m a STEM curriculum writer and advocate, but I’ll confess that each year when Middle Level Education Month rolls around, I feel...


Leadership manifesto

I recently had the incredible opportunity to work with more than 150 10th-graders representing their schools at the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference in...


Jerry, amplified

“Learning is amplified by the amount of people who are collaborating, participating, communicating and creating. The learning is NOT about the technology tools, but...


Repairing urban education

As another school year gets under way, our country has the opportunity to repair urban education in a substantive, strategic and sustainable way —...


Laughter and learning

There is lots of work and talk these days about social and emotional learning. The need for resiliency, grit and determination has become part...


Helping students self assess

Giving quizzes allows teachers to examine data and see what students understand and where they may need more practice. Ideally, quizzes should provide the...


Leadership resilience in action

After a round of districtwide budget trimming, principal Riley received some tough news: His school’s two instructional coaches would be reassigned to classroom teaching...


Tech Showcase Roundup: ASU GSV 2016

This year’s ASU GSV Summit, held in San Diego, California, brought together entrepreneurs, ed-tech providers, policy makers, and leaders from leaders from education and...

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