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You’ll never get there

For leaders and organizations, the job is rarely done. That's the point: Long-term thinking is less about doing something than being something.


The status quo is over

Leadership cannot pine for the status quo, not when the coronavirus pandemic has upturned our world and social unrest has revealed inequities and injustics. Are you prepared to lead into the new and unknown?


Brand opportunities in a crisis

Your brand doesn't have to be idled by the coronavirus. In fact, the actions you take now can ensure your brand weathers this storm and rebounds more quickly.


Leadership by fools

The failure of Brandless shouldn't obscure the larger strategy lesson: If you’re going to do something groundbreaking, you must be willing to at first be thought a fool.


Leading from zero

Go beyond zero-based budgeting to rethinking your entire operation from zero: " Zero customers. Zero employees. Zero revenue."

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