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b2b marketing


How to conduct a mid-year marketing checkup

Mid-year marketing checkups are essential. After the challenging past six months we've faced, that's especially true. It's time to assess your overall B2B marketing health and strategies. SmartBrief's B2B demand gen marketing team explains how to do it.


The latest trends in B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity as a valuable way for B2B companies to reach their target audiences. In a recent survey of B2B marketers, 30% said they plan to explore influencer marketing in their 2023 strategy to drive engagement and build brand awareness. Here are some of the top trends in B2B influencer marketing.


Managing Your B2B Marketing Budget in 2023

There are myriad considerations when crafting an effective marketing budget, and many are out of any one person’s control. Here are some tips for managing your budget as we head into an unpredictable new year.