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When Growth Stalls


No more onboarding

Onboarding is the wrong term to use for fulling welcoming and integrating employees. Let's think about immersion, instead.


AI vs. humans, part 1

AI and the metaverse won’t make humanity better; they will augment and intensify what we all already are, for good and for ill. Here's what that means for leaders and companies.


The beauty of contrast

Contrast is how we discover new ideas and move forward. Embrace the contrast between you and other people in your work and life.


Wanted: More unicorns

What employees go beyond the norm and get things done, even in tough times? Do you recognize those people? Are you one of them?


You’ll never get there

For leaders and organizations, the job is rarely done. That's the point: Long-term thinking is less about doing something than being something.


Leadership by fools

The failure of Brandless shouldn't obscure the larger strategy lesson: If you’re going to do something groundbreaking, you must be willing to at first be thought a fool.


Persistence is underrated

Sooner or later in every story the protagonist is faced with a fateful, consequential decision. In a movie or novel, it’s entertaining. In real life, it can be terrifying.


Don’t stop at diversity

Just as people express a common language through different accents, we express our common humanity from different perspectives. Finding the fusion is where magic happens.

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